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Tire Dictionary

Here you can find explanations of phrases revolving the tire.

New tyres

Why choose new tyres and not remoulded or used tyres?
New tyres offer more than just optical benefits! In addition to improved safety through the full tread depth, new tyres are often quieter and give a more comfortable ride. New tyres are checked very thoroughly by the manufacturer, ensuring optimum safety for you and your vehicle.
Used tyres available from breakers' yards are also strongly advised against. There is virtually no way of knowing what the tyres have been subjected to - whether the interior was damaged, for example, through harsh driving over kerbstones. That could lead to blow-outs.

Please note:
When new tyres have been fitted, it is highly advisable to run them in by driving at a moderate speed for the first 200-300 kms (125-185 miles) in order to roughen the tread surface. Only then will the tyres reach their full performance.