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NEW: Nord*frost 5 Speed 606
The Gislaved Speed 606: strong and reliable in all weathers! The newest member of the Gislaved summer family of tyres!NEW: Nord*frost 5

Speed 616
For small and compact cars - the Speed 616 offers a wide margin of safety and comfort on both dry and wet roads.NEW: Nord*frost 5
NEW: Nord*frost 5

Brand Offer
The Gislaved brand offers safe, strong and reliable tyres for all weather conditions whether it is summer or extreme winter.NEW: Nord*frost 5
NEW: Nord*frost 5

Tyres also need cleaning now and again. 

Storing your tyres correctly 

Tyre protection:
Approach kerbstones with caution... 

What is written on your tyre:
What does it actually say on the tyre sidewall? 

NEW: Nord*frost 5 NEW: Nord*frost 5
NEW: Nord*frost 5 © Continental AG 2014, LegalNEW: Nord*frost 5 topNEW: Nord*frost 5